Dead Cide Club – Release Date and Latest News

Interested in psychologically depressing Battle Royale 2D games? If so, then the club of the dead could be the game for you.

Dead Cide Club is set up to present an intense action based on players trapped in a laboratory and forced to kill each other or some monsters with a variety of weapons until only one player is left on foot. We can find out everything we know about it until now later.

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Dead Cide Club – Release Date

Dead Cide Club does not have a specific launch date at the moment, without a ban, its first global closed beta test is scheduled to open on April 22, and you can sign up for Steam here. Be sure to follow up to receive updates when Devsisters reveals the final launch date.

Dead Cide Club – Latest news

April 15, 2022

The latest news about Dead Cide Club comes from Devsisters’ Online Showcase and refers to the game details. Until now, we know you will be trapped in a lab filled with other players and monsters who must kill to make money. Armed with a variety of weapons that include rifles, shotguns, cannons and forks, your job is simply to survive! Without embargo, this will be more difficult due to the toxic gas clouds that are released into the premises over time, which are forced to keep moving.

Dead Cide Club – Platforms

Currently, Devsisters has not confirmed any platform for Dead Cide Club, but be careful not to lose that information when it arrives.

Dead Cide Club – Latest trailers

The latest trailer for Dead Cide Club is shown in the latest Devsisters online show and can be found here:

This is all we know about the launch date of Dead Cide Club and what we can expect from the game right now. Without hesitation, we will update this article as soon as we receive more information. In the meantime, if you’re looking for something more animated, here’s our guide to when Sonic could return to Cookie Run: Kingdom.

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