Dead By Daylight reveals the first LGBTQIA2 + character

Dead by Daylight players are ready to dive into the background story of one of their favorite characters, David King, in an upcoming expansion.

Volume 11 of the archives, which arrives on April 28, will see King face personal struggles in his life before the snow blows over his identity and sexuality.

This narrative turn is part of a Behavior Interactive response to the wishes of fans of a larger representation in the game.

Revela character Dead By Daylight LGBTQIA2 +

The expansion takes place in a pub where the furious person will start a conversation about his personal life and confront some memories of a former girlfriend, and the expansion was produced in collaboration with GaymerX, a consulting organization dedicated to improving the integration of diversity into games.

“The representation of diversity in entertainment, so it was important for us to take our time and gather experts to do things right,” said Dave Richard, creative director of Dead by Daylight.

He also added: “We feel very honored that Dead by Daylight has been transformed into a space where players from different communities around the world feel free to be themselves”.

“After working with the Dead by Daylight team over the past year to learn best practices and help them identify spaces in their existing narratives to integrate LGBTQIA2 + stories, we’re pleased to see that first piece of content is available to the judges “, says Brian. Customer, consulting manager and operations director for GaymerX.

Tara Brannigan, director of gaming experience for the game, shares a similar opinion, saying: “Dead by Daylight is a reflection of your community. Our players have expressed the need for better representation, and today our message is that we listen and we are excited to bring these stories to life ”.

In addition to this positive innovation, the Devotion expansion will also allow players to unlock a range of new events and explore what happened to The Observer, which apparently left its tower.

For more updates on Dead By Daylight, be sure to stay tuned.

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