Days Gone: cómo instalar oxid nitroso en una bicicleta (nitro-acceleration)

Nitro acceleration guide


Deacon’s bike in Days Gone can be equipped with nitro using the “accelerador”. With it, you will not only travel faster through the game world, but you will also be able to jump any abyss.

During the prologue, you can try the nitro, because in this short excerpt from the main game, Dixon uses his old bike equipped with this update. In the future, she will lose it, so she will have to purchase and install this update on a new bike that Manny received.

Tenga en cuenta que el nitro da Days Gone se divide en nivels, cuanto más alto sea, mere tiempo podrá inyectar oxid nitroso en su motor.

The first level of nitrous oxide (nitroso I)

Sold by a mechanic named Manny at Camp Copeland for 900 credits. Immediately comprar nitro will not work because the deacon has to gain the second level of trust from the residents of this camp. Complete missions related to Copeland and get the required amount of zombie ears.

Segundo Nivel de Oxido Nitroso (Nitroso)

Sold by a mechanic from Iron Mike’s camp for 1500 credits. Nuevamente must achieve the second level of trust of the residents of this camp.

Recuerde que para dar un salto, primero debe ver el “trampoline” y conducir sobre él con el nitro encendido.


Do not neglect this improvement, because jumping over the chasm will allow you to reach several bases of the Nero company and the remains of the helicopter, among other things. Sobre las bases de Nero, puedes encontrar inyectores que aumante las main characteristics of Deacon.

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