Daybreak Studios laid off about 70 employees in the company’s restructuring

Daybreak Studiosa developer other than titles like H1Z1 or PlanetSide 2, has made several releases as a result of the company’s restructuring.

Daybreak Studios hs made dispositions for efficiency and streamlined resources

According to John Smedley, former president of the company, up to 70 employees have been laid off via twitter, which would be 30% of the total staff.

The reasons for Daybreak Studios are clear;

“We are optimizing our structure to ensure the best position to continue to be successful in the coming years. This effort has required that we have made some changes in the organization and we are doing everything to support those affected in these difficult times. To the extent that we seek to improve efficiency and streamline resources, we will continue to focus on supporting our existing games and the development of our future titles. “

Some companies have already begun to sympathize with the case, as is the case with Intrepid Studios, which offers work to the damned if they are still in the profile they are looking for in their current MMORPG project, Ashes of Creation.

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