Daughter “I want to play 1,000 yen gacha!”

■ From Twitter

It’s a success…

too wonderful wwwww

Did your daughter really feel one thing?

I’d like to take my daughter to the racetrack subsequent yr..

I’m afraid if I say that I wish to draw once more each time I see this as a set off w

Amazing (laughs)
We solely bought stuff that regarded like an assortment of sweets (laughs).

I pulled with a pal some time in the past, but it surely was a fidget spinner
This is…thousand yen…?

superior yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah
Can you actually win that form of 1000 yen gacha!?
Yaruo runs round and round

I’ve seen YouTubers spin all of the 1000 yen gacha
Seriously, the chance was darkish, so this lady is simply too fortunate
Husband who doesn't do it, joy, round and round

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