Cyberpunkdreams – A basic guide to how to play

A basic guide on how to play Cyberpunkdreams that explains the core mechanics, such as the economics of action and the card system.

How to play Cyberpunk Dreams


If you’re here, you probably know what cyberpunk dreams are, but you do not know exactly how to play them. In fact, it is quite simple, so we will explain it to you very quickly.


Cyberpunkdreams is a free text-based interactive fiction game where the game is mainly developed through a card technique. But how exactly does it happen? Well, when your journey begins, it’s the screen you get after the introductory scene.

That does not explain much, really? So let’s try to identify some concepts and then explain what each one of them means:

Do you have the sections of block, hand and anchor cards? All of them are related to the card technique that we talked about before. Experiments The stories are mainly through the maps, and these three sections are all on maps.

  • The Mazos contain all the cards available to your character in a particular context; all the stories and situations you can find and play. When empieces play, there will be only one mazo available: Bordertown life. You will unlock more as you play.
  • When you click a mouse, it strokes the number of cards needed to fill your hand. In the picture you can see that the mazo has three spaces, so when you click on the mazo, you will see three maps.
  • Without restrictions, not all cards will be in the columns. When you meet certain requirements, there will be cards that will be available to you at all times without you having to play a game to find them. These are the itchy cards and the words are right under your hand and your hand.
  • To give a sense of the passage of time and weight to your actions, you can not just play without a break. Secure actions, such as stealing cards from a mazo or playing certain options on a card, will cost actions. It has a limit of 40 actions on its bank and a refresh rate of 10 minutes to earn a new point when it is below this limit (there are also various ways to improve these limits, including a subscription).
  • Finally, the notifications at the bottom right are relevant messages that are activated when your character reaches certain points in the game. They can be recurring, such as reporting, each time a cycle of days is completed, or displayed only once. It also contains a large amount of tutorial content from the beginning. Do not forget to click on them and read the messages.

Why do not we take a look at how these concepts work in practice, huh?

Of course, there are many, many other aspects and characteristics of cyberpunk dreams, but they will learn the scale presented throughout the game. This is just a basic summary of the basic mechanics of the interface to begin with.


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