Cyanid & Happiness – Freakpocalypse – Locker Stalker and PermaPeeper (The Easy Way)

Quick way to open all cabinets and quickly unpack through student registers.

Locker Stalker and PermaPeeper (when set up) The easy way

Unlocking tool-assisted tasks

Configure the graphical options for the game to run in window mode.

  • fetch ReMouse or any other automatic click with adjustable click range and cursor position.

Set your interval to the minimum allowed, here is 1 millisecond. Pay attention to the start and pause keys so that you cannot hold it with the mouse when it first starts.

Select the “Select location” setting button under “Cursor position”, press the button.

Click on the game window where the arrow is to switch to the next cashier. Press F6. Expect a few seconds. When there is no more movement in the game window when it has reached the last cashier, press the F6 button again. Furnished to the next living room with toilets. Repeat.

The same principle applies to the records.

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