“Custom Robo” and “Custom Robo V2” Release Dates for Nintendo Switch Online! !

“Custom Robo” and “Custom Robo V2” will be added to “NINTENDO 64 Nintendo Switch Online” from July 15th. The article information of the game magazine “64DREAM” at that time is also released. | Topics | Nintendo

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“NINTENDO 64 Nintendo Switch Online” can be played by subscribing to “Nintendo Switch Online + Additional Pack”. “Custom Robo” and “Custom Robo V2” will be added as distribution titles on Friday, July 15th.

“Custom Robo” can be played by up to 2 players, and “Custom Robo V2” can be played by up to 4 players on a single console or online with friends.

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Kita! ! !

our youth!

1, 2 at the same time! ?

To all the Rokuyon kids back then, congratulations on the return of Custom Robo! Congrats! !

Now that all the announced items are coming, will the other 64 software be coming?

Custom Robo is finally here! !
And two works at the same time! !

With this, the titles that were announced in advance are now complete
Will there be more titles added in the future?

Xenoblade3 (Xenoblade 3)-Switch ([ limited]item undecided included)

Release date: 2022-07-29
Manufacturer: Nintendo
Category: Video games
Sales Rank: 6
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Splatoon 3 -Switch

Release date: 2022-09-09
Manufacturer: Nintendo
Category: Video games
Sales rank:
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Nintendo Switch body (Nintendo switch) Joy-Con (L) neon blue / (R) neon red

Release date: 2019-08-30
Manufacturer: Nintendo
Category: Video games
Sales Rank: 4
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