Crytek sued CIG for infringing the copyright of its CryEngine

Crytek is asking CIG $ 75,000 for damages and injuries

If with all the rumors about the sale of territories and ships were not enough for Star Citizen, a new turn in the development of the game arises. Crytek has submitted documents to the Central District Court of California alleging this Cloud Empire game y Roberts Space Industries have infringed their copyright by using CryEngine to create non-Star Citizen related activities, use, Squadron 42. Crytek also cites non-compliance with the contract in its documentation.

The cause of action for non-compliance is based on a Game License Agreement (GLA) signed on November 20, 2012.

Crytek states that the gaming license agreement includes:

  • It is possible to develop SC and SQ42 as separate games.
  • You must show the registered trademarks of Crytek in the game.
  • Requires CIG to use CryEngine exclusively.
  • Requires CIG to provide bug fixes and optimizations for CryEngine.
  • Prohibited publication of CryEngine technology.

The CIG allegedly fulfilled these obligations on the following points:

  • Offers SQ42 as an independent game.
  • Remove CryEngine logos.
  • Uses Lumberyard.
  • Does not submit bug fixes and necessary optimizations.
  • Sends Bugsmashers and associates with Faceware.

Crytek is claiming $ 75,000 in direct damages in addition to indirect damages, consequential damages (including loss of profits), special damages, costs, honors and expenses incurred as a result of non-compliance with the contract and copyright infringement by the plaintiff. In addition, the company seeks a “permanent legal mandate to continue to own or use the work protected by copyright”.

According to some users of subreddit who were told everything, this explains that:

‘This will probably be solved with an undisclosed amount. There are certainly some valid points based on the GLA description, but this is confirmed by the fact that Crytek actually obtained a limited license for Amazon and therefore requires compensation and profits in 3.x if they used the beginning of 2016 with Lumberyard with an open source (components not included in Lumberyard were in most thirds). ”

In part, we have statements from the CIG that have provided some means that say the following:

We are aware that Crytek’s case has been brought before the EE District Court. UU. CIG has not used CryEngine for a while, especially since we switched to Amazon’s Lumberyard. This is a demand without basis which we will strongly defend, including the recovery of the Crytek costs in this case.Cloud Empire game

You can download the document with the entire application from here.

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