Cryptic Post is the return of the classic Call of Duty Mechanic

Throughout the history of the Call of Duty franchise, developers have used a variety of movement mechanisms that allow players to navigate the map. Despite no official information, Modern Warfare 2 is already listed as another very successful Infinity Ward delivery, if the latest filters earn anything.

The information about the changes in the Perk system in addition to the classic cards that will return as DLC is calling attention to players wondering what is reserved for the sequel to Modern Warfare in 2019.

In addition to several changes, a clinical release of a remarkable filter suggests that the mechanics of the dolphin buceo are declining.

Modern Warfare 2 Buceo with dolphins

The Buceo with dolphins appeared for the first time in Call of Duty Black Ops as a method to quickly avoid incoming threats. It will appear in many other titles, including Black Ops 2, but in recent years the buzz has disappeared in favor of closure. According to ‘TheGhostOfHope’, it looks like the buceo technique will appear in Modern Warfare 2.

If fans always have to take the filters with a grain of salt, Hope’s story of publishing information correctly is pretty impressive. The images of a buceo mask and a dolphin accompanied by copious calls are no doubt good news for those who are fans of zambullirse all over the map during a party.

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Modern Warfare 2 release date

According to various speculations and rumors, the release date for Modern Warfare 2 is not very fast, with signs that it runs until April 30 as a possible release date for the next delivery of the franchise.

Since there is still time to date, you can take a look at all the latest Modern Warfare 2 information in our dedicated center filled with everything you have to know about the upcoming launch.

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