Crusader Kings 3 will allow same-sex marriage

Crusader Kings III will introduce same-sex marriage in its next update. The “Royal Court” DLC will start the next day, February 8, and will be sold together with a free update that will adjust various elements of the game. In fact, unions between characters of the same gender were already available in the game thanks to mods made by the community, but the developer, Paradox Interactive, had to restrict the option due to the bugs it caused.

In a post on its official page, Paradox detailed that until recently it was believed that it would never be possible to enable the option officially. However, changes have been made to support these mods more securely and which can be activated without problems. Also point out that they will be adding support for this in “games that don’t have mods” as well.

In other Crusader Kings 3 related news, the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X/S versions will launch on March 29.

The last delivery of the historical strategy saga was launched last September 2020, and shortly after the consoles were announced versions, of which we still did not know much. According to the developer, the power of these machines will allow “super fast loading times”.

Paradox Interactive, without any restrictions, does not seem to be the best placed vis-à-vis its employees: last year, it was accused of accusing its employees of gender inequality.

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