Cricket Star Manager ready to be launched as a Play-To Earn NFT game

“Cricket is one of the most popular sports in the world, but the market is not so crowded.”

If this is a phrase that can be applied to its traditional game scene, it is just as important for the growing market to play to win. Sports games like Sorare and (now missing) F1 Delta Time are among the most popular NFT games, with many new NFT games also coming to the sport.

One of them is Cricket Star Manager. Developer Gold Town Games, which wants to enter the blockchain area, is working with Vorto Gaming and CS Games to bring cricket to cryptography. Planet Crypto spoke with Laris Alin, Product Director of Gold Town Games, and Kris Vaivods, CEO of Vorto Gaming, for more information.

Cricket Star Manager targets the South Asian market

The grasshoppers are large. If it is to always take place beyond football in the UK and Europe, in countries like India and Australia, it is an important part of the sports landscape. This is where the Cricket Star Manager is expected to come in.

“We see a lot more people in India looking for different tournament games and cricket is the religion there,” Vaivods said. “So this game really works for the specific market to help them make extra money.”

In a press release, Alin added that he hoped the Cricket Star Manager community “could become one of the top 10 sources of revenue for people in South Asia by the end of 2023,” an ambitious statement provided by Vaivods. “We are looking to become one of the best employees in India,” he said.

Given that some of the best NFTs sell for millions of dollars and gasoline tariffs remain quite high, I was excited to see how the development team would have had the experience to play to earn enough for the market.

“It’s a free NFT game,” Alin said. “We support a way for players to open the way to ensure that their first money is spent on valuable activities. So you really do not want any down payment to start playing.

“You can start playing the game and dedicate time and earn some money.”

Vaivods agreed. “We do not require you to have six players before you can start playing,” he said, referring to games like Sorare. “You can create a team out of nothing and then start fighting to allow you to have more players.”

The players and stadiums of Cricket Star Manager do not have a license, but it is brand new, such as once a known choice after the closure of F1 Delta Time by Animoca Brands after failing to renew their license with F1.

According to the Cricket Star Manager website, players can sign up at:

  • Win matches.
  • Pose stadiums and host other teams’ matches.
  • Watch the games and animate the teams.
  • Enter players / transform stadiums and wrestlers in the stock market.

Cricket Star Manager Tokenomics and jugability

Of course, just like a blockchain-based game, players can put some money through the Cricket Star Manager, the CSM token. The CSM token is scheduled to launch in the second quarter of 2022 and will benefit those players who have it. “You can do specific things,” Vaivods said. “Only CSM titles can buy certain things, such as changing stadiums or changing player names.

“So maintaining and investing in CSM will raise a voice for the community. You can express your opinion on various things.”

A limited number of states will also be put up for sale as ‘land’ during the second quarter of 2022.

Following the sale of NFT and the offer of CSM, the MVP (minimum viable product) version of Cricket Star Manager is expected to be launched in the third quarter of 2022.

“If you are familiar with [World Hockey Manager]you can recognize some of the things, ”said Alin.

Which highlighted the potential of community tournaments as an element that particularly excites him. “In our games at the moment, we are always the winners of the tournaments, but we start [Cricket Star Manager] in a way so that players can organize tournaments and also have to market them, ”he said. “You can be a great marketer of your tournaments and draw a lot of attention to the people who play your games, so, like the title of the arena, so to speak, you’ll make a profit from it.”

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