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The 26th season of Diablo 3 is here and as always it will be full of rewards. You will be rewarded for different content depending on what is being done. This time you have the opportunity to receive season 14 rewards.

Season 25 allows players to receive season 13 rewards, and season 24 allows players to receive season 12. It’s a relatively new feature, but players will definitely enjoy it. Allows players to get an old but favorite team that never had the chance to get before.

Now that season 26 starts today, let’s take a look at the rewards that Blizzard developers will give us in detail. This guide will analyze all the available rewards that we know and those that can also be achieved from season 14.

What rewards are offered

Travel rewards

There are several rewards that players can expect. If you are a pet collector, you can look forward to having a new pet. His name is Toothsome Trooper.

In addition to this, you get Rakkis Memory Photo. By supporting Cairo of the Nephalem and completing the Guardian’s journey, you can win this picture and your new and fun mascot!

Gift of Edrig

Haedrig’s gift allows you to complete chapters two, three and four. Each gift will have some team pieces for your class set. One thing to keep in mind is that if you want a complete set of armor, you need to open the three gifts in the same person; on the contrary, it does not get a complete set. In addition, you can only select one set of classes, so choose carefully! Next is a preview of what each set looks like.

  • Bárbaro – The Legacy of Raekor
  • Crossed – Armor of Akkhan
  • Demon Hunter – Equestrian Incarnation
  • Monje – Alcance de Inna
  • Nigromante – Embozo del maestro de la pestilencia
  • Witch Doctor – Guarida de Zunimassa
  • Mago – Magnum Opus de Delsere

Seasonal cosmetic rewards

For some time, Diablo 3 has allowed players to get content from previous seasons. Now that we’re in season 26, that means players can now get content from season 14. A number of photo frames based on Tal Rasha will be available and will be adjusted to the way they evolve in the game and are decorated. more. In addition, there will be the boots and pants from the Conqueror set that can be unlocked. If you want to embody the spirit of justice, you can also do it with a banner that coincides with the corresponding bow. Take a look at a preview and so on.

If you are interested in getting more information about Diablo 3, we have a Diablo 3 page that you can read in your spare time to understand more about the game. If you want to make pets, we have a guide on how to make pets. If you remain committed to learning some of the game’s terminology, we can also teach you what it all means. For example, we have a guide on the levels of Paragon and what levels of Paragon are in Diablo 3. We also have guides from bosses who return to work for season 26. Now feel free to take a look at one of our seniors. as an example: How to attack Azmodan.

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