[Corrective argument]M-1 winner Combi Westland stated, “The hero of a shounen manga is all determined by their lineage. There is no one who has become stronger through hard work.”

Westland’s New Story? Shonen Manga additionally has a “poisonous tongue.”

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Won the “M-1 Grand Prix 2022”Hiroyuki Iguchi (39) and Futoshi Kawamoto (38) of the comedy duo “Westland”Appeared in Kantele “Comedy Wide Show Marco Porori!” broadcasted on the eighth.

Just like a narrative, he ridiculed boys’ comics.

On today, he appeared with “Kyu” and “Wall poster” as “M-1 warriors just a little gathering SP”. She was typically considered on good phrases with “Kyu” from the identical company, however she revealed a sure grievance.

He defined, “I like manga, so I ask, ‘Is there an attention-grabbing manga?’

What Iguchi insists is that the principle character who turns into stronger in shonen manga is “the man who has develop into stronger by way of exhausting work”. “I just realized that all manga is determined by blood lineage,” he says.

MC Koji Higashino places in a hand saying “It’s different, isn’t it?”“It’s no totally different,” interrupted Iguchi, “when any battle manga reaches 10 volumes, its mother and father will seem. Those mother and father are superb. , It’s decided solely by the lineage.I whispered.

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Dragon Ball

↑Goku’s father is the Saiyan Yashina who resisted Frieza’s assault till the very finish.

Eyeshield 21

Come to consider it, if sports activities manga hasn’t all the time been determined by bloodlines
Dokaben or Captain Tsubasa

Kakarot has small fish blood

After all Eyeshield 21 was a god manga

Robo anime can also be a “bloodline”
Usually the developer is a father and turns into a pilot
It was used as a template as a result of it was a pure excuse for a boy to function a robotic.

Light novels don’t have anything to do with lineage.

Kankichi Ryotsu

Iron Man – pedigree
Captain → Pedigree ✕
Thor → Pedigree ◎
Hulk → Pedigree ✕
Widow → Pedigree ✕
Hawkeye → Pedigree ✕
God is the Avengers

The indisputable fact that Makibao has a superb pedigree is by some means real looking and good

After all, Denji-kun is superb

↑ Pochita is superb

Well, for probably the most half, that is true, and it is true.
Yaruo PC front smile

No, there are various manga that do not! for instance…

・ ・ ・ .
Husband who won't do it, denial, it's not

No, there’s tomorrow’s Joe
Husband who does Husband who does not

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