Confirmed launch date, The Dredge and everything we know

May 17, 2022: We now have the official information on Chapter 24!

Chapter 23 has not been released in a while, but Chapter 24 is heading back in the heads of Dead by Daylight fans. Want to know who is following the game. Who can expect the dead to continue, or who should live now?

Meanwhile, we still enjoy and learn Sadako’s tricks and the real forces that are like assassins. Without hesitation, what will be next for us in the next assassination attempt? Will BHVR announce anything soon? Fans are expecting something significant soon.

If you want to know more about the current chapter, read our focus on Chapter 23 of Dead by Daylight, where you can get more information about what is happening in this chapter. To learn more about what assassins play, read our list of the best assassin levels.

When is the launch date for Chapter 24?

Chapter 24: Roots of Dread launches on June 7 and will hit all platforms.

Which assassin reaches chapter 24?

Dredge is a formless demonstration with rhetorical extremists hiding in the shadows. Comes with an enchantment of the “monster under the bed”.

Tailor can be transported between the cabinets and hit the survivors directly from them, which is a pretty powerful skill. It is known as the manifestation of dark thoughts in a society that was once alive. He treats the survivors after healing with blindness and agitation.

Dredge is probably also a mentor to Herman Carter, and his real name is Otto Stamper. It was found to be the only surviving institution in the department in a vegetative state by the physician before the unit took over.

It is important to keep in mind that these are the only filters and that they can be changed at any time depending on what BHVR advertises.

Dredge also has a special ability in that it can shoot overhead in total darkness for 60 seconds, and can be transported much faster. If the survivors succeed in destroying the remains at this point, the cancellation will end faster.

What else will come to Chapter 24?

Haddie Kaur is the new supervisor for Chapter 24. Born in India but moved to Quebec with his family when he was a girl. Their biological fathers died in a car accident due to what was created by a close friend of their fathers. Haddie explored the paranormal from an early age, full of humor, determination and a bit of lingering curiosity.

It is possible that fans have recognized it from the Archive and can now interpret it as a survivor.

Which card will lead to Chapter 24?

El the garden of joy is the new map that goes to chapter 24. It looks like a scenic paradise, but in reality it is an American city painter who hides great secrets.

If you are interested in learning to play with some of the killers, we have some collection guides to help you. Currently, the most popular killers are Wraith, Hag and Oni. If this is not for you, we have a guide on how to get results in Dead by Daylight.

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