Confirmed launch date for Sniper Elite 5, which will be released in Game Pass

Rebellion has announced the launch date for Sniper Elite 5.

According to what the British company said Twitter“Operation Kraken must be destroyed. Reserve Sniper Elite 5 for additional Target Führer campaign and P.1938 silenced pistol”.

“Available on Game Pass, Xbox One, Series X/S, PC and PlayStation 4 on May 26, 2022”.

The new release therefore marks the launch day of Microsoft’s Xbox Game Pass subscription service.

On this occasion the action was transferred to France, in 1944. From then on, Lieutenant Karl Fairburne of the SOE was to support the operations of the allies against the Nazis. Earlier, Rebellion said that Sniper Elite 5 would have the “largest and most immersive” maps to date in the saga.

The new game will also have an upgraded version of its Kill Cam feature, which is “more realistic and horrifying than ever”. Other features that have been highlighted are the ability to decipher characters and a new PvP mode called Invasion.

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