como volar y unbloquear Sunwing Override

The map of Horizon Forbidden West is quite large, covering the territory of the Tenakth tribe and the no man’s land to the east. Si bien Aloy puede usar el sistema de viaje rápido y los cargadores para cover terreno con bastante rapide, la capacity de Unblock the Sunwing and fly to Horizon Forbidden West es mucho más rápido, y eso es lo que explicaremos en esta guide para su comfortado.

Unlock Sunwing Override and fly a Horizon Forbidden West

To fly in Horizon Forbidden West, you need to unlock the Sungwing Override. This happens at the beginning of the mission ‘Wings of the Ten’, which follows the mission ‘Géminis’.

Both are right at the end of the main story quest line, so expect to be around the level 30 mark (as this is the recommended level for the Gemini quest). Eso debiera darte una idea de qué tan lejos terêrás que estar en el juego para alcanzar esto.

At the beginning of the mission ‘Wings of the Ten’, Aloy must create a Sunwing Override to continue. This can be done in the production terminal at its base, where you can also create cancellations for other machines.

cómo debloquear la annulación de sunwing en el oeste prohibited del horizonte

When you create this, you can slip behind any Sunwing and press and maintain the Triángulo when you are close to starting to cancel.

Después de esto, puede pressar Square to subirse a la parte trasera del Sunwing y surcar los cielos. Fortunately, it turns out that there are some solar wings at their base in the mountains, so they won’t be too far away to find some.

Flight Controllers Sunwing and Horizon Forbidden West

  • X – Accelerate
  • R1 – Move cursor up
  • R2 – Lander/ Descend
  • Círculo-Freno
  • Cuadrado – Get off

Invoking a tu Sunwing

After canceling a Sunwing, you can call it at any time by selecting the Sunwing icon from the shortcut menu in the lower left corner of the screen and then pressing down.

La máquina voladora descenderá y elevadorá a Aloy antes de permiterte surcar los cielos y coverrimente el terraino través del Oeste Prohibido.

That’s all you need to know about volar a Horizon Forbidden West and unblockar la annulación Sunwing. To get more consejos, trucos y guías, diríjase a nuestra wiki or vea más de nuestra cobertura sobre el juego a contiguando.

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