cómo uses el modo concentration and el tiempo de lalentización

Now that you’ve entered the west with Aloy, the last of the Guerrilla Games will launch all types of threats. Saber cómo acabar con las máquinas y los humanos en Horizon Forbidden West is extremely important, and the mecánica de concentración será clave para eso. Si estás planando salvar el mundo once more, aquí tienes cómo uses el modo de concentration and slownizar el tiempo en Horizon Forbidden West.

Dominar el combate a distancia en juego will be very important for your survival, ya sea que use los arcos, los Blastslings, Spike Throwers and more. Sin embargo, to ease your time and allow you to aim better, the concentration mode will help you tremendously in two ways.

La primera es que slowniza el tiempo, lo que permite alignar la toma perfecta. Second, it will get closer than normal, giving it more flexibility to aim the shot. It could mean knocking down an important component or firing the fatal shot en la cabeza sobre los enemigos humanos.

Using mode concentration and slownización share time on Horizon Forbidden West

  • Hold L2 to aim.

  • Press the right analog stick/R3 down to activate concentration mode.

  • Pull back to fire while holding R2 and release to fire.

  • If you use an intelligent way to concentrate, try the grand strategy where you can run around while eliminating every obstacle in the way.

    That’s all you need to know about cómo usar el modo de concentración y slownizar el tiempo en Horizon Forbidden West. For even more tips and tricks on the rest of the game, including how to travel fast, use Valor Surge effectively, or handle Metal Flowers, be sure to consult our guide wiki for the game. There is also content related to the following for you to enjoy.

    If you have any other questions that haven’t been answered, be sure to leave them in the comments below so we can answer them.

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