como solusencia el error de comadreja (gato, tritón, olive, mielada)

The final expansion of Destiny 2, Witch Queen, is here, but as is common between major releases, players are reporting error codes that prevent them from participating. How to fix Weasel, Cat, Newt, Olive, Honeydew and other similar codes and what they mean in Destiny 2: Beyond Light.

How to fix the Weasel, Cat, Newt, Olive, Honeydew error code and what it means in Destiny 2: Witch Queen

The launch of Destiny 2: Witch Queen was highly anticipated, which means that every time there is a new expansion, there will be a lot of people trying it out at the same time. Como puede imaginar, eso pone a los servitors under a lot of pressure.

This is exactly what causes the Weasel, Cat, Newt, Olive, Honeydew error codes. Witch Queen brings back a lot of new players and causes the game to freeze or lose connection to the server. If your game crashes and you see the error code, don’t panic: it’s a typical Destiny 2 server overload block.

So how to solve the problem? In summary, there is nothing you can do other than wait and follow the intent. The best place to keep track of what’s going on is Bungie’s Ayuda Twitter account, which will post server status updates.

Puede attempt to start sesión y cerrar sesión y es posible que pueda volver a iniciar sesión. But still recibiendo el error Weasel or cat, or cualquier otro similar, solo terrá que esperar.

It’s a glitch that targets Weasel, Cat, Newt, Olive, Honeydew, and other similar cheats that matter in Destiny 2: Beyond Light.

For more information on Destiny 2’s final expansion, visit our Witch Queen wiki.

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