Cómo seguir un augmento de XP de saviorida shared

Tea Increased XP of wisdom shared in Destiny 2 It’s a great way to boost the experience you gain when you complete different activities, but how does it work? This guide will explain everything you need to know to get the XP boost and how you can use it to gain experience quickly.

With the launch of the Witch Queen expansion, players are busy opening their way to the new frontiers of power in preparation for the new Raid. In addition to completing the campaign and getting gear that way, players can also quickly level up their Season Pass to get free exotic engrams and other useful resources to help keep the Guardian at the top of the game. Shared Wisdom allows you to do that, but it’s a more efficient way to do it.

Get the XP boost of wisdom shared in Destiny 2

La Sabiduría Compartida automatically applies whenever you are part of a Fireteam and you or another player has one or more unlocked items of the ‘Pequeño Fireteam XP Boost’ from the current Pase de Temporada.

destination 2 wisdom shared

Each XP Boost provides an additional 2% increase to any XP gained from the activities you perform while you are truly engaged in exploring or keeping an eye on the enemies of the Light. Por ejemplo, si está completando compencias, obtendrá la bonificación, pero si solo está en orbita en su nave, no la obtendrá.

Shared Wisdom XP Boost maxes out at 8% and you don’t need a full Fireteam to max it. The bonus comes from the player in your group with the big XP bonus from Fireteam (hasta un 8%).

You can check the % of XP increase gained from Shared Wisdom by going to the ‘Character’ screen.

Todos los ranges of Fireteam XP Boost en el pase de temporada

There are 10 small Fireteam XP boosters in the 16 Season Pass that increase Fireteam members’ XP gains by 2% through Shared Wisdom. Estos se unbloquean en los the following rows:

  • Rank 5
  • Rank 7
  • Rank 16
  • Rank 26
  • Rank 36
  • Rank 46
  • Rank 56
  • Rank 66
  • Rank 76
  • Rank 86

How to farm XP with Shared Wisdom Boost in Destiny 2

Puede ganar una ton de XP completando tantas componencias como sea posible, but no entregándolas hasta que tenga alguien en su Fireteam for usar el aumento Maximo de XP de Sabiduría Compartida del 8%.

At this point, go ahead and deliver all your rewards and you’ll get a ton of extra XP that will help you level up quickly. It is a simple method, but very effective.

That’s all you need to know about cómo seguir un augmento de saviorida shared en Destiny 2. For more tips and tricks, head to our wiki or check out more from our game coverage below.

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