como obtenerlas y para qué se utilizán

Medals from the West Arena de Horizon Forbidden son basta importantes si buscas conseguir todas las armas y armadas del juego, especially si buscas tener en tus manos el mejor juego equipment. In this guide, we’ll explain how to get Arena Medals in Horizon Forbidden West and what to do with them once you have some in Aloy’s pockets.

It’s worth pointing out that before you can get Arena Medals, you need to complete the extra request to open the Arena. This involves Aloy tenga que getting some pieces of the machine from different places marked on the map. Recuerde, conseguir piezas de máquinas requiere que las apunte con sus armas para eliminar el componento. You can simply destruye la máquina sin quitar los componentes primero, no podra obtenerlos. Using concentration to slow time makes this much easier.

Conseguir medals de arena in Horizon Forbidden West

The Arena Medals are earned by completing challenges in the Arena located in Memorial Grove.

The amount of medals you want in each challenge depends on how quickly you complete it. You can find details about the time limits and the amount of medals you will earn when you complete the challenge within each time limit on the right side of the screen when a challenge is selected.

medallas de arena en el horizonte forbidden oeste

How to use arena medals

  • Turn away from the main entrance to the Arena and look for an NPC merchant on the right side of the road ahead of us called Dukkah.

    Camine hacia ellos y pressine Triágulo to start a conversation.

    dónde intercambiar arena medals horizonte prohibito oeste

  • Dukkah allows you to trade Arena Medals for some of the best weapons and armor in the game. Simply select the Intercambiar Medals option to do so.

    También puede intercambiar cualquier étiquette que haya obtenido aquí.

    trade arena medals horizonte prohibited oeste

  • Choose a piece of equipment comparable to mantenga-presionada X for comprarla, o Square para comprarla y équípela immediately.

    The number of Arena Medals you need to purchase each piece of equipment is on the right side of the screen.

  • Just like that, excellent cómo conseguir y usar Arena Medals en Horizon Forbidden West, lo que te permite conseguir algunos de los mejores equipment del juego. For more tips and tricks, head to our wiki or check out more from our game coverage below.

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