Cómo matar a Ina August 25, 2022

Si está buscando averiguar cómo funciona el Trick engine HoloCure funciona, es probable que hayas elegido a Ina, o simplemente quieras divertirte un poco en el sandbox. En una consequencia muy divertidad (y presumiblemente no intencionada), es surprisingly let har que Ina sea completamente imposible de matar.

En pocas palabras, el Vtuber se las arregla to cause too much damage with way too much health to die, ya matando a cualquier cosa que se acerque con ataques de área automáticos or simply minando too much health from his enemies to be beaten down. Fortunately, siempre puedes hacer trampa para matarla sin apagar el juego, volviendo al menu para reclamar tus meritidas compendias.

If you want more information about the game, here we show you how to use the HoloCure special, what we know about the HoloCure mobile and, most importantly, our HoloCure Ina compilation guide.

What is the trick engine in HoloCure?

Cheat Engine is a free software that can be used with games to manipulate them. When you play offline games, especially the downloaded ones that are not connected to a store like HoloCure, there are no ethical issues when using them.

You can get it from the link here. It’s not specifically affiliated with HoloCure, but it works well for this dubious purpose.

How to kill a Mother in HoloCure

As explained in this Reddit thread, this is a problem that many HoloCure players have. To begin, install and launch Cheat Engine. It is possible that Windows Defender does not like to allow files on your computer. To kill Ina, enter the mode you want to record, configure the InaLock compilation, and wait until you’re done.

Go to the archive tab in Cheat Engine, click ‘open process’ and search for HoloCure. Una vez hecho todo esto, comprueba cuál es tu salud actual y toma nota de ello. En la sección «Valor», ingresa tu salud actual. From here, change «Value type» to «Double».

Click the “Primary Scan” button. The memory addresses are displayed on the screen. Reanude el juego y vuelva pauserlo cuando cambie su salud. Now enter the new health value and click on «Next scan».

Haga esto una y otra vez till que solo queden dos dirección de memoria. Change the value of both to the same negative value (like -999999). Ahora que esto está hecho, este valor será su salud actual. La próxima vez que te golpeen, Ina morirá. Simply resume your game and play normally.

Como era de esperar, puede establishar estos valores muy altos si desea vivir para siempre. Aunque con el poder de Mother, no hay necesidad de hacer trampa para hacerlo.

I’m looking for even more information about the game, this is what we know about HoloCure on Steam, how to get the idol song and how to get compatibility with the HoloCure controller. Finally, here’s how to sign up for HoloCure, as well as our list of HoloCure levels.

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