cómo label enemigos y piezas de máquinas con tu focus

The latest game of Guerrilla Games and the return not only of Aloy, who is also one of the fearsome machines that now dominates the Earth. A Horizon Forbidden West will require components to craft and improve, and to achieve them a more strategic and careful approach will be required. To make sure you have the best possible opportunity to get the piece you want, you are here cómo etiquetar enemigos y mechanirar piezas con tu Focus en Horizon Forbidden West.

How to mark enemies and pieces of machinery with your focus on Horizon Forbidden West

Cuando se acerque a cualquier amenaza de máquina dada, especially aquellas unsconocidas para usted, es mejor comprender a qué se enfrente antes de comprometerse. When it scans the machine, it will know its strong and weak points, as well as the important parts that enable it to function.

This can eliminate attacks from your arsenal, reveal more weak points, or generate valuable resources to make you even stronger in the long run. It is extremely important to do this well.

  • Acércate al enemigo con sigilo

  • Hold down the right analog stick/R3 to activate the focus scan

  • Etiqueta a los enemigos con R2 para ver dónde están en todo momento

  • Select the part you want to target by using left and right on the d-pad to repeat them and press Triangle to mark that part.

  • By making sure you know where the enemies are, as well as the parts you want to tear apart or keep intact for valuable resources, you can ensure that Aloy comes out of every encounter with a ripe harvest.

    That’s all you need to know about cómo etiquetar enemigos y mechanirar piezas con tu Focus en Horizon Forbidden West. For even more tips and tricks on the rest of the game, including weapon techniques, swimming underwater for a long time, or things to do first, be sure to consult our Wiki guide for the game. Also, be sure to consult the related content below.

    If you have any other questions that haven’t been answered, please leave them in the comments below so we can answer them.

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