cómo debloquear, cambiar y usar estos ataques especiales

The weapon techniques are one of the ways in which Horizon Forbidden West builds on its predecessor’s excellent combat mechanics, along with Valor Surges. As the name suggests, weapon techniques are special moves that use weapon resistance, marked with a yellow bar in the lower right corner of the screen. Pueden hacer que los ataques Sean más poderosos o cambiar la forma en que funciona un arma o afecta a un enemigo. This is it Weapon Techniques from Horizon Forbidden West guide, we will explain how to unblock them, change the weapon technique and use them in battle.

Techniques for unlocking weapons

Las técnicas de armas se debloquean comprándols con skill points de los seis árboles de habilidades diferentes.

horizonte prohibited oeste arma técnica

These have a pentagonal shape and are labeled as weapon techniques when hovering over them, as shown in the previous screenshot.

Cambio de tecniques de arms

To change your weapon technique, hold L1 to open the wheel of your weapon and select the weapon you want to use.

Before releasing L1, you should now see, just below the ammo types in the center of the wheel, a small menu of icons between the left and right arrows on the d-pad. Press left and right on the d-pad to repeat the techniques that have been unlocked for that weapon.

Using weapon techniques in Horizon Forbidden West

  • Select the weapon you want to use on the weapon wheel and make sure you have left and right weapon techniques selected on the d-pad.
  • Press L2 to aim, then press R1 instead of R2 to use the weapon technique.
  • Tenga en cuenta que esto agotará la resistencia del arma. The amount depends on the technique used. The weapon’s resistance automatically resets over time.
  • That’s all you need to know about Weapon Techniques in Horizon Forbidden West. For more tips and tricks, head to our wiki or check out more from our game coverage below.

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