cómo conseguir los guanteletes de brujo exoticos y qué hacen

In Destiny 2 Witch Queen, the Guardians took the fight to Savathun in their Throne World with a large amount of new campaign content, a new whim on the horizon, and of course, a ton of new exotic gear to lay hands on (y pies… pecho… ¡¿cabezas?!) for ayudarte a alcanzar esos nuevos Power Caps. In this guide, we will show you how to get the Exotic Gloves of Osmiomancy in Destiny 2 Witch Queen and what benefits they will bring to the construction of your Warlock Guardian.

Conseguir los guanteletes de brujo exoticos de osmiomancia en Destiny 2 Witch Queen

Puedes conseguir osmiomancia completando una campaign of Reina Bruja Legendaria or completando un Sector Perdido Legendario/Maestro cuando se establecen exotic guanteletes como rewarda.

You have a 50% chance to get osmiomancia as a reward for completing the legendary witch queen campaign and a 50% chance to get exotic secant thread witch legs, as Bungie indicated in a blog post earlier this month.

Tenga en cuenta que una campaigna legendaria que repasa el contenido más reciente no es poca cosa. The developer has already stated that it is designed to be harder than Legend Nightfall, but easier than a solo puzzle or completing Grandmaster Nightfall.

¿What do we have osmiomancia?

osmiomancia como llegar

Si eres fanático de esas granadas Coldsnap, entonces, vaya, Osmiomancy es el equipo exotico para ti.

Not only does it give you an extra Coldsnap grenade charge, but it also increases the regeneration of the grenade when you hit a target with a Coldsnap grenade.

Oh, and it’ll also make the seeker that generates the Coldsnap grenades go further and faster, which isn’t insignificant, especially given that the tracking seems to be getting worse as part of the Stasis nerf.

That’s all you need to know about cómo conseguir los ésóticos guanteletes de brujo Osmiomancy en Destiny 2 Witch Queen. For more tips and tricks on the final expansion Guardianes can delve into, head over to our Witch Queen wiki or check out more of our coverage below.

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