cómo conseguir el casco de cazador exotico Blight Ranger y qué hace

Destiny 2: The Witch Queen has arrived, bringing another significant chunk of campaign content to the Guardians of the World. While you’re busy increasing your power level in preparation for the new foray, it’s likely you’ll want to get some of the new exotic gear on offer. In this guide we will explain cómo conseguir el casco exotico Blight Ranger en Destiny 2 Witch Queento todos los cazadores que hay.

Conseguir el casco de cazador exotic Blight Ranger en Destiny 2 Witch Queen

The Blight Ranger can be obtained for completing the Witch Queen campaign in Legendary or as a reward for Master Lost Sectors when the exotic helmets are the reward currently available.

You have a 50% chance to get the Blight Ranger helmet for completing the Witch Queen campaign in Legendary, and a 50% chance to get the exotic Renewal Grasps gloves for the hunter. Bungie pointed this out in one of its blog posts earlier this month.

En cuanto a las compendias del Sector Perdido, debra esperar hasta que ofrezcan cascos óticos como compendia por completarlos.

That means getting your hands on the Blight Ranger could be a while if you don’t get it when you complete the Legendary Campaign, and the exotic helmets aren’t the reward for Master Lost Sectors this week.

Qué hace Blight Ranger

destino 2 blight ranger cazador exotic casco

The Blight Ranger helmet increases the damage of any reflective projectile while using the Arc Staff to deflect incoming fire.

For those Arcstriders who find this ability pretty useless when it comes to PvE, the Blight Ranger could actually make this something useful when facing Savathun and his soldiers, or just in any previous attack or raid that he took to achieve this equipo y aumentar su nivel de poder.

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