cómo conseguir corazones de dragón y para qué sirven

Dragson’s corazones are extremely rare in the Ring of Fire, which only the brave can obtain. But you won’t only find them thrown by Tierras Intermedias. Tendrás que buscarlos y demosare tu valía en la batalla. Aquí está todo lo que necesita sabre sobre com conseguir Dragon Hearts y lo que hasen in the Ring of Fire.

There are a few different parts here that we’re going to go over. First, let’s take a look at how to get Dragon Hearts, then we’ll focus on what they can be used for. After you get a Dragon Heart, you can talk to Bloody Finger Hunter Yura and he will give you a tip on where to get the item. But we will provide all that information later.

How to get dragon hearts in Elden Ring

Para conseguir un Corazón de Dragon, todo lo que necessitas hacer es matar a un dragón. This is certainly much easier said than done. But if you just stay on your horse and get to know your attack brokers, you should be able to kill a dragon early in the game.

The first one you’re likely to encounter is the Flying Dragon Agheel. As the name suggests, the dragon can fly and can be found while exploring Agheel Lake. Around the middle of the lake you will find a group of enemies. En medida que te acerques a estos debiluchos, el dragón vendrá volando y los matará a todos. Don’t get too close or you will be caught in Agheel’s flames and you will suffer the same fate as the enemies.

If you are one of the first matches, it is a match that is a lot of time. Pero tu paciencia y valentía seran compuniadadas una vez que derotes a un dragón. Además del montón de runas, también obtained a Corazón de Dragonón.

Para qué se use los corazones de dragón

anillo de elden corazón de dragon

As previously mentioned, Bloody Finger Hunter Yura te dirá qué hacer después de vancer a Agheel. Pero es probable que estés aquí porque no quieres buscarlo. Además, es una respuesta quite simple. All you have to do is go to the altar in the Church of the Dragon’s Communion and exchange the heart for an enchantment based on the dragon. That part is simple, but getting there is just a little more complicated.

The Church of the Communion of the Dragon is located on a small island off the west coast of Limgrave. You obviously can’t cross the water, so you have to go into a cave on the shore. In this cave you will encounter a battle between bosses. No one uses el regreso rápido a la entrada después de defeatar a este jefe.

The cave where you enter and the island are marked with green markers on the following map:

anillo de elden corazón de dragon

Continue through the cave using the opening opposite the one that entered the chieftain’s arena. Cuando salgas por el otro lado de la cueva, you will be on the island that has the Dragon Communion Church. When you enter the church, you will find a gigantic statue of a dragon with an altar that has a flame that burns forever. Approach the Corazón de Dragon to learn a new enchantment.

Each of these spells can be obtained by placing a dragon heart on the altar of the Dragon Communion of the Church:

  • dragon fire
  • dragon claw
  • Faucedraco

The spells based on dragons are extremely powerful, but also have large animations that can leave them wide open to attack.

Time required: 30 minutes.

Here’s a quick overview com conseguir Dragon Hearts y lo que hasen in the Ring of Fire:

  • defeat a dragon

    Esto te dará un Corazón de Dragon.

  • Journey to the Dragon’s Communion Church

    Se encuentra en una pequeña isla frente a la costa oeste de Limgrave.

  • Ofreca un Corazón de Dragon on the altar

    The Church of the Dragon’s Communion has an altar that allows you to trade Dragon’s Hearts for Spells.

  • Eso es todo lo que hay que sabre sobre com conseguir Dragon Hearts y lo que hasen in the Ring of Fire. For more tips and tricks that will help you in your quest through The Lands Between, head over to our wiki guide.

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