Cómo break barreras sundidas bajo el agua

Horizon Forbidden West has arrived and brings a number of new cross-platform features to explore the world, including the ability to explore vast underwater caverns and an improved free-climbing system to climb cliffs and ruins of buildings. One of the obstacles that Aloy will encounter in her adventure are the sunken barriers that exist underwater. Si está luchando para averiguar qué hacer con Horizon Forbidden West Barrera’s hundidasThis guide will explain everything you need to know.

¿Qué son las barreras hundidas?

Las Barreras Hundidas or Barreras de Roca, como lama su Enfoque, son montones de rocas that Aloy can destroy to access a collectible or alijos de materiales de artesanía y otros recursos.

Cuando se scanea with Aloy’s Focus, se proporcia the following description:

“Piedras sueltas apiladas que obstruyen el acceso. Se puede cleanar con la fuerza de la oración.”

The locations of the Sunken Barrier are marked on the map with a rectangular icon with what looks like an eye in the middle, which is shown in the screenshot below.

horizonte prohibito oeste barrera hundida

Rompiendo Barrera’s Hundidas and Horizon Forbidden West

  • To destroy the barreras hundidas, reach them and then press and hold R2 to use the Aloy Lance to make a lever in the rubble in your path.

    Destruyendo barreras hundidas en Horizon Forbidden West

  • By holding R2 and filling in the small circle that forms around the button indicator on the screen, Aloy will release some debris, causing the Sunken Barrier to be destroyed.
  • ¿Por qué no puedo destruir una barrera hundida?

    At one point in Horizon Forbidden West, we came across a couple of barras sundidas, which at first glance looked impregnable.

    This is not really the case. A cambio, you will have to get to the other side of the sunken barrier and then you will be able to destroy it.

    As such, make sure to fully explore your surroundings to find the path to the other side of the barrier.

    That’s all you need to know about cómo romper barreras hundidas bajo el agua en Horizon Forbidden West. To get more consejos, trucos y guías, diríjase a nuestra wiki or vea más de nuestra cobertura sobre el juego a contiguando.

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