Communist Party member “There are women who are hurt by shaking their breasts in games and anime! Please be considerate!”

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communist party expression regulation feminist anime games images related to bouncing breasts-02

image related to communist party expression regulation feminist anime game bouncing breasts-03

原文:We want to regulate expressions that otaku love and expressions that we don’t like!

it’s messed up

Why should the world change the way you want it to?

Are you going to turn the creator into an enemy this time?
The Communist Party is good at making enemies

The Communist Party is not an expression control group

what to say
Is the heart of a small-breasted girl worn out?

No, it’s creepy, but don’t hurt me

I don’t understand why it hurts

There’s no way you can make such a useless opinion by paying attention to each and every one of them

just don’t look

↑ It’s a public advertisement, so you can see it even if you don’t like it

What is a boob-bouncing public advertisement?I’ve never seen that before

Public service announcements are too broad
Now anyone can use the internet for terrestrial broadcasting related to government
Inappropriate advertising exclusion and other laws and regulations will be the only thing

It is unclear how far the Communist Party’s “public” is pointing
It’s obvious that they intentionally ambiguous the definition like this and say, “Anime and games are public because many people watch them.”

In the first place, even the definition of bouncing breasts is ambiguous.

I was surprised when I saw that the level of clothes shaking was called “milk shaking”

I’m hurt by the fact that young men are always tall

excuse me,
Some men get hurt when they see someone with hair
Will you take care of me?

Even though my chest shakes in reality, what’s the dissatisfaction?

jealousy or

Is it okay to rock like crazy in sports?

Sooner or later, you’ll tell women who are athletes to harden their breasts with bleach so that they don’t shake.

Women with big breasts shouldn’t notice their size when they go out, I think it will escalate to about

I wish I could make them all small breasts characters

↑ Communist Party 10 years later “Women with big breasts are being excluded from society!”

Japanese Communist Party “I always watch anime”


There are many people who are hurt by prejudice and discrimination against feminists who love games and otaku.
I want feminism to be taken into consideration

Don’t you think that there are people who are hurt by that victim side? If you just don’t look at it, you can just solve it, so why do you feel sorry if you don’t eradicate it so thoroughly?

The one whose heart is worn out wins
I also wanted to be born into a gender that would hurt me just by looking at moving illustrations
For some reason, the “hurt!” that the gender says has a great power.
The synergistic effect of a poor-looking heart that gets hurt by trivial things and the power of whining will allow tremendous tyranny to pass through society.

I also think that overly sexual advertisements should be stopped.
That line varies from person to person.
Communist Party Restrictions on Expression Feminist Anime Games Images related to bouncing breasts-04

If you accept even a little of these people’s demands, it’s the end
Demand seems to be getting too high.
Husband who doesn't do it, arms folded, sweat

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