com agregar una red de polígonos a MetaMask

MetaMask is among the most popular cryptocurrency wallets out there, and although it is mainly based on Ethereum, it is compatible with other networks such as Polygon.

You can access the cryptographic wallet based on Ethereum via a browser extension or a mobile application, and you can connect to the Binance Smart Chain and the Polygon network to use OpenSea.

So let’s take a look at how users can add Polygon to MetaMask.

According to Stakingbits, Polygon is a protocol and framework for building and connecting blockchain networks compatible with Ethereum. The protocol is a simple platform designed for scaling and evolving Ethereum infrastructure.

Formerly known as MATIC, it includes rental gas prices that are cheaper than $0.001 and red transactions are faster.

Users wishing to add the red polygon to MetaMask must:

  • Install the MetaMask extension from the store or website.
  • Create a MetaMask wallet credentials or import an existing wallet.
  • Configure the MetaMask wallet and connect it to the red polygon (MATIC).

To connect MetaMask to Polygon, enter the Polygon Network main configuration as mentioned below:

  • Nombre de red: Polígono
  • New RPC URL:
  • CadenaID: 137
  • Symbol: MATIC
  • Block explorer URL:

Once done, select save and you will be fully connected to Polygon.

Adding polygons is as easy as saving NFT in MetaMask. How to add Polygon to MetaMask mobile in simple steps.

  • Go to the configuration of the metamask mobile application
  • Haga click a nest
  • Haga clic en aggregate redes
  • Fill the details mentioned below
  • Red principal Matic
  • Nombre de la red: Matic Mainnet
  • New RPC URL:
  • CadenaID: 137
  • Symbol: MATIC
  • Block Explorer URL:

Ha agredo con éxito un polygono a su móvil metamask.

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