Colonial ship: a role-playing game behind the scenes: tips and tricks

To save you a little more than what happens, I have described a few things that can prevent you from falling behind.

Basic concepts in the game

  • Remember the tactics. You will need consumables. Every match. Buy humor. He is saved.
  • You can go up to 10 statistics: studied 10 intelligences on the principle and put an implant (increasing link) so I have 11! – which gives a boost of 35% extra experience. Of course, with “Educated” I achieved a 55% increase and quickly started to surpass the team member one level.
  • Sigilo rules. Some combat missions do not carry the first seal. Be sure to take a rat.
  • The random percentage of steel is so high that the whole world shuts you down, but you do not. Improve your fighting skills on the field.
  • Life is one. And if a sopartian died, he died completely.
  • In battle you can not be saved, so put on clothes to do everything the first time.
  • Tome ability Feat “Educated” 1 or 2: will give you a boost of 20% experience, so it will quickly leave you as a posted person.
  • Tutorial is a tontería and almost no one will help him, everything he knows back then and a chair on call. Try your own options!
  • It is a pity that the results are not avoided immediately, and then it becomes too dangerous to go back to the past.
  • The game depends a lot on your knowledge of English. Do not hesitate to use Google Translate, otherwise you will be caught in an instant.
  • Only during the first conversation are some actions possible. For example, an intent to rob. Beware.
  • For the brand, the strength, agility, knowledge of the profits and the computers and the brand itself are important. Not just destruction.
  • In the beginning, I did not find many party members, so it does not make much sense to bombard charisma.
  • Before the attack, study the map, plan your actions, your disposition and the enemy.
  • If the implant is for sale, buy it! They are rare and worth the money. Remember the irreversibility of the installation of the implant.
  • Buy ammunition and leave your weapon before the battle! How many foxes have died because of this!
  • Use rifles and shotguns as your main weapon. The SMGs are too inaccurate and the ammunition is ugly. Pistols – nuh.
  • When talking to an arms dealer, say that you prefer electric weapons. It will give him a weapon of 1000 credits.
  • Do not complete the study of “armor” skills; by all means they will bomb the battlefields. It is better to use it on weapons or electronics.
  • If possible, use the seal and then attack. So you want to improve your reputation as much as your fighting skills.
  • Against the robbers, escopetas help enough.
  • Search the entire map by holding down the TAB screen. It will show what is hidden, where to go and what can be used.
  • Biotechnology will require a bit, but it will allow you to get a body implant. Does it make sense to speed up your studies and then you can buy them?

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