Collectibles (DLC The Vulcan Affair)

The location and images of the 10 collectibles on the Vulcan DLC card.

The golden finger

The golden finger is in the last cell of the prison on the left side of the cell block.


The agar hook is out in a bush.

Pajarita and pistol

The gun and the gun are in the lower compartment of the dressing room in a door that has two buttons that need to be pressed apart from sheet metal (do you need two people?).

Metal bruises

The metal handles in the welding room at the top of this panel.


The cane is directly under the giant varnish.

Secret book

The book is just below the scale.


The hat is on the meeting table.

Cat collar

The cat collar is in the secret room behind the boss’ desk (secret button under the desk).

Blood vessel

The vial is on the corner behind the tina living room.

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