Coinbase BEP-20: ¿Coinbase grants BEP-20 tokens?

With Binance’s own BNB chain, BEP-20 tokens is a news concept designed to compete with ERC-20 tokens, but Is Coinbase compatible with BEP-20??

BEP-20 can be defined as a standard token in the BNB chain that expands ERC-20 and acts as a general format that helps developers launch different types of tokens in Binance. It is part of the larger plans for the Binance ecosystem, which includes a Binance NFT marketplace and Binance NFT games.

So with the new Coinbase lists added every month, is there any possibility that these could be BEP-20 tokens?

Coinbase BEP-20: Is Coinbase compatible with BEP-20 or BNB Chain?

According to the official release of the Coinbase blog, the exchange is not compatible with BEP-20. Tokens and transactions related to BEP-20 remain in a separate blockchain ecosystem, something exclusive to Binance.

BEP-20 tokens are based on a format similar to BEP-2 tokens, both created by Binance. As such, Coinbase does not accept any of these formats.

The exchange further clarified that any deposit made through BNB on Coinbase tickets may make the funds inaccessible and inaccessible. Decia:

Any deposit sent via Binance Chain to a Coinbase account will not be credited and its funds will be lost.

According to Coinbase:

BEP20 tokens have an address format similar to Ethereum and share the same properties as standard ERC20, without restrictions, are not the same. BEP20 tokens are on a separate network that Coinbase does not currently accept.

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