CODEX is back at work, Borderlands 3 arrives on “Steam Verde”

Borderlands 3 sold in the Epic Game Store on September 13 last year with protection DRM Denuvo, in its latest version, saves the title from piracy for 46 days. But all the good is not hard y Borderlands 3 is already cracked from October 29.

Borderlands 3 cracked by CODEX

Codex go back to load, then jump to the latest version of the DENUVO anti-tamper system. Although for anniversary reasons, as any piracy that causes video game developers to lose money is never good, the news will surely please more than one opponent of the Epic store to be able to enjoy the title in the so-called of some delay “Green steam”.

Borderlands 3

Does it affect the performance of Borderlands 3?

The quick answer is NONE, Denuvo does not significantly affect the production of Borderlands 3 and performance issues on older CPUs seem to stem from an incompatibility with DirectX 11. On the other hand, if Borderlands 3 is compatible with DirectX 12, that compilation is still in beta and is not too stable as we said.

We hope that Gearbox Software now decides to withdraw the protection and to play more on legitimate consumers when they benefit.

Borderlands 3

Borderlands 3 is a shooting loot, too tropecientas mil weapons and a story full of twists and turns around the edges. Challenge your enemies and discover unknown worlds with one of the four new quests. The title can be played alone or with up to 3 friends more to defeat amazing opponents, do it with a lot of prey and save your home from the most cruel sect in the galaxy.

In MMOinGame we do not promote piracy, if you want to enjoy the game you can buy it in some of the following stores;

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