Cliff Bleszinski accuses Epic of robbing its employees

The founder of Boss Key is happy with Radical Heights

Cliff Bleszinski back armed with riots of twitter, this time publicly accused of one Epic games to wish to enter into a contract with the employees of your Boss Key studio.

The controversial designer pointed out that; “We have a lot of ways to do it ourselves, but we never see the light and keep doing this,” he replied to a question from a fan on twitter about sharing something new with the Battle Royale subgenre with Radical Heights.

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While there is no official response from Epic throwing the bomb on Cliff, Boss Key’s former online engineer William McCarroll has been abandoned, claiming that Bleszinski’s claims are baseless or at least inexplicable in some cases. “We all had our own reasons for giving up Boss Key and Epic.” “Product tacharnos are a little weird,” McCarroll said. “We are human in the first place.”

Sincerely, Radical Heights, if Cliff is happy with the result, I should take a look, ¡the game is bad to say the least! After about 15 minutes of trying the title (No More), you will come to the conclusion that it is one product of dubious quality. Its designs, models, animations, physics, textures and playfulness are impressive. If we were to say anything good about this Battle Royale, that is his music is not bad.

A Free-To-Play of the fast fashion genre (5 months development), where the shooter is stamped on the basis of sales of Founders packages and various items in the game to the unsuspecting that the suits intend to recreate a kind of ochentero, which from my point of view is a bit. People are playing today on the first bazofia offered by Steamsimply because it is F2P.

Then we have the defenders with Acceso Anticipados’ hat and sword, leaving gems like: “I would like to send a rather aggressive comment to the fans, I would not recommend a game in public because people treat me badlycomo este es gratis lo voy a hacer, he jugado, he hecho stream y el juego va bien, le falta optimization como todo pero me va fluido, me encanta que se separ de fortnite y pubg, con esos graficos entre tegneserie, realista y borderlands , I like the style it has, it does the only thing I recommend it without a doubt, but of course you know what an early access is »

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