Classic will be available on BlizzCon with virtual input

Blizzard has announced that for the first time the owners of Virtual entrance BlizzCon assistants will be gathered to be the first to try from home the demo off World of Warcraft: Classic that he had prepared for the convention.

The World of Warcraft: Classic demo from home

On November 2, after the opening ceremony of BlizzCon (around 21:00 CET), players will be able to download the demo in the development of WoW: Classic which will be presented at BlizzCon and it will also be judged during the event. You will have the opportunity to explore and enjoy an ascending experience on a limited level through two classic zones (one for the Horda and the other for the Alliance), and thus try first hand our re-creation of the original Azeroth.

Once the demo is available, you can play it until about 6 p.m. 18:00 CET on November 8.

Advertise your loyalty with the BlizzCon button

In addition to accessing the WoW: Classic demo at BlizzCon, from Hithe event assistants and owners of the virtual entrance will receive BlizzCon memorabilia in the game so they can proudly declare their loyalty to Horde o la Alliance on the battlefields of Battle for Azeroth.

  • Alliance Cloak and Horde Cloak: two cosmetic tips to do with which you can show all Azeroth which side you are.
  • Standard Ventormenta Master War and Standard Orgrimmar Hero War: inflict fear on your enemies and maintain position as you plant the standard of your action on the battlefield.

In addition to these WoW objects, BlizzCon assistants and Virtual Entrance hosts will also receive memory objects in each of Blizzard’s large franchises.

A legendary look for the Shadow of Overwatch and the Nexo bracket and other objects for Heroes of the Storm is now available. The BlizzCon goals for Diablo III, Hearthstone and StarCraft II will be revealed later in October as the BlizzCon season progresses.

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