Class identity, fame salon and new cards

Blizzard will launch a new update to its JCC Hearthstone soon as the game expands and takes more players to the pub, placing more emphasis on the fact of revising old designs and ensuring the team has some stable chemicals. We’ll tell you next time you come to the game and you will not lose it.

This is what you expect with the next big Hearthstone update


When to define the identity of a class of Hearthstone, there are three main directors: we adhere to the concept of the class, specify their strengths and establish their starting points. Each class is complete with the following categories in mind:

  • Strengths: looks at what centers and highlights the class.
  • Limitations: aspects with those who like occasional but are very limited by the energy level and the number of cards.
  • Key points: aspects of those who lack a class or who have difficulty achieving it effectively.


After reviewing each of the classes, we discovered that some maps did not contain the identities we had defined for them. For this update, we have decided to keep the cards in check Mental explosion y Esfumarsewhich will pass through the Hall of Fame and will be replicated by two new basic cards with effects that look better with the class main concept:

  • Radiation: for the pastor, Radiancia is an inexpensive hechizo that can be creatively combined with others while offering important sanitation.
  • Pesteador: this letter offers the pike another way to destroy ice and end up crowning him as the king of the dead.


Here are the new cards that will be available from the next major update on the classic card covers (and which can be made with Arcano powder):

  • Rompeasedios
  • the gift of salvation
  • Justice
  • Alafeliz
  • Alta inquisidora Melenablanca
  • Mozo de cuadra de los Baldíos
  • Infiltrated by IV: 7
  • Devoradora Arcana

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