Clash of Clans – How to attack in Clan Capital

The latest Clash of Clans update is now available and adds a new clan attack style for you to try. As such, it is most likely what you will learn attack on the capital of the clan way, to get new rewards and get up to speed quickly. There is plenty of Capital Gold on offer if you know how to attack, so it’s worth reviewing the details!

In this Clash of Clans guide we will see exactly how attacks begin in Clan Capital mode. It includes an overview of what the condition is and how the attack works, which is closely related to the Raid Weekend system that is being introduced recently. We will also review the rewards offered for successful attacks, which is always good to know if you are preparing for a clan battle.

In other parts of Clash of Clans, no doubt consult our guide on how to get Capital Gold and how to try playing Clan Capital. It has become a general center in the spring update 2022, so you know exactly what’s new in the exciting mobile game.

How to attack in Clan Capital

The only time that can be attacked in the new Clan Capital system is on weekends with attacks. These events are coordinated on a large scale, taking place over the weekend from Monday to Friday. In this you will work with other clan members to fight against the capitals of the enemy clan, destroy districts and destroy their buildings to finally destroy them.

To do so, of course, you must be in a clan with an established Clan Capital. From there, you will be able to participate in Raid Weekends, and send your troops to fight against enemy defenses. Keep in mind that if you are not technically fighting with your teammates, the damage is cumulative, because when all your forces are exhausted, they will take the reins from where they left off last time.

As such, the battlefield continues to be the same for all of the clan’s fighters. The traps will only work for a while and will not be rearranged after they have been used, but the Hechizos will withstand an attack after the tuyo before agotarse.

You will have five opportunities to take part in battles over the weekend with attacks, with a single extra attack if you succeed in destroying another clan district in battle. Destroying these districts is a prerequisite for fighting against your clan capital, which you must destroy to overthrow them and pass on to another clan.

What is the reward of Clan Capital Attack?

As you might expect, the more buildings that get destroyed in Clan Capital attacks, the more Capital Gold you get. It’s the only basic reward for playing these missions, but there are many ways to get started. If you are the last player required to defeat an enemy’s capital, you will receive a Capital Gold bonus based on the amount of troops you also have left.

Once you and your clan have destroyed a clan capital, you will get a new one to attack. This goes on and on until all your own strengths are taken care of and the game calculates a classification for you based on how many districts and capitals you have lost. It will not be a surprise to anyone, but the better your rating, the more rewards you will get at the end of the shooting weekend.

In addition, you will receive passive rewards based on how well your clan’s defense can withstand rival attacks. As such, it is also important to spend resources on improving your defense, on the contrary, your clan will collapse during an attack and you will lose that button.

That’s all for our Clash of Clans Capital Attack Guide! Feel free to also consult our guide with some evidence as to why Clash of Clans is not always closed. It’s too popular!

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