Civilization creator Sid Meier also shows the opposite of NFTs

The mythical Sid Meier, creator of classics like Civilization, Silent Service or the F-15 Strike Eagle, is the latest developer to change his mind to publicly show his use of NFTs and the industry trend towards monetization.

In an interview given to BBC To commemorate the thirteenth anniversary of the original civilization, Meier announced that advancements in video game development recognize that the most important thing is justice, and also warned that pursuing forms of monetization like NFTs involves the risk player alienation.

“The real net and the real opportunity is to keep our grip on justice,” he said. “That’s what’s unique, special and appealing about gaming as a form of entertainment.”

“When we forget that and decide in favor of monetization or other things that aren’t centered around justice, that’s when we start forgetting how to make great games and start thinking of games as a vehicle. for a business opportunity or for something else, when you start you go out of the way to follow”.

This obviously refers to the recent controversy that has been raging in the industry with the approach of NFTs. Despite the fact that gamers have shown themselves completely against them, companies such as Ubisoft or Konami have been reluctant to bet on this technology, while others, such as Electronic Arts or Sega, have backed down in their intentions seeing the negative response from the community. .

Meier concluded by saying, “I think we should make sure that video games continue to be high quality and fun to play. There are many other forms of entertainment. We’re in a good position…but we We have to be sure that we realize that it’s important that it’s jugability, and that’s the engine that keeps players happy, engaged and performing well.”

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