“City Hunter” Japan’s first live-action film choice! !

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City Hunter Ryohei Suzuki Image related to Yuichi Sato-02

It may be good I’m curious in regards to the later solid

It’s so cool I can stare at it eternally

Are you okay? There is already a piece of high quality MAX in France?

I ponder if I can beat the French model… Well, I can count on it as a result of it is Ryohei Suzuki

The theme track is in fact that track, proper?

Oh, City Hunter, is it going to be made right into a live-action film in Japan too!?
The French model is de facto top quality and I felt like that is City Hunter, so it looks as if a excessive hurdle~

But if it is Ryohei Suzuki, who completed that perverted masks, he ought to have the ability to do Mokkori Saeba completely…!

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