Cipher exchanges join Luna Burn’s efforts to break down transaction rates

Several major cryptocurrency exchanges have thwarted Luna’s efforts by promising to raise transaction rates for Terra Luna trading.

During the collapse of Luna’s cryptocurrencies, Luna’s circulating supply rose from $ 350 million to $ 6.5 billion, and Luna’s price rose to less than $ 0.01. While Do Kwon and the TerraForm Labs team are pushing for Luna 2.0, some titles have criticized the proposal. In return, they ask for large to reduce the offer and raise the price.

And now it seems that some digitized exchanges have united the candelabra efforts.

Intercambios Burn Terra Luna

As #BurnLuna continues to be a trend on Twitter, stock markets have united in an attempt to destroy part of Luna’s supply chain.

To announce its own Luna recovery plan, occasionally on the official Luna de Kwon recovery proposal, MEXC Global asked its followers if they should go back to buying Luna and quarantining.

Through its own study, quizzes referring to the Terra Luna course poll asked users to vote on its plan. Although the percentages have not yet been revealed, MEXC says it will “use the real trading prices of the trading pairs on the LUNA / USDT account to make a purchase in the secondary market and continue with Luna’s demand”.

Another exchange, BitKan, also published a study asking if they should go back to buying Luna and closing it down to disable the transmission. At the time of publication, 92% of the 3,500 voters are for quema. Exchange BingX also votes for Quemar Luna.

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Although the owners of Luna on Reddit repeated these movements, many said they also wanted to see Binance leave Luna. Binance is the largest cryptocurrency exchange traded with Luna, given that Luna Coinbase’s list no longer seems to follow up.

The CEO of Binance, CZ, said yes Gorjeo does not admit a bifurcation Luna. In return, he sees a quema strategy as the best way to reduce overcrowding. Without restrictions, that does not mean Binance will be involved in drought.

Like popular Shiba Inu fans, Luna Burning’s support has spread on social media. Without a doubt, with a committed society that respects this, it seems that some accounts use the Moon’s thirst as a ‘compromise shoe’.

Do Kwon her talte against the plan to rescue Luna with Luna Burns and described it as “literally wanting money”. He also criticized those who said the TFL could come to the Moon, revealing that the TFL has dropped $ 30 billion this year.

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