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A complete list of the location of all Got ‘Ems in the game.

Get the chance for Em

This is a list of all Got Em in the game and their location.

You can take into account that you have one of them, Coop will say at the end of the Got Em conversation. This list will be divided into locations.

Netherton High School

  • Light in the reception.
  • Cactus in the reception.
  • Full of training in the science class.
  • Urine in the children’s bathroom: you have to do it twice to get rid of it.
  • Garbage boat in history class.
  • Bookshelf in history class.
  • No action Start a session in the library next to the first bookshelf.
  • Books on the shelf for no fiction same place as letter of no fiction.
  • Litter in the class of storage.
  • Scale in the corner of the map (between Kickstarter Hall’s).
  • Blue cloth on the floor in the boiler room.
  • The red chair is in the gym.
  • Netherton Narwalls Sign up for a gym session.

gade nudo

  • Mango pipes at Shark Dad’s House.
  • Pila De Tumáticos En La Gasolinera.
  • Tools on the gas station wall.
  • Gas station heaters.
  • Tapas in Circle J’s near the Super Slurper Machine.
  • Sign up in the Circle J’s Near window.
  • Cross Walk at the intersection of White Sands and Knothole.

bulevar de la trinidad

  • The mouth of fire on Trinity Boulevard outside Rod’s Pizza.

the cooperative house

  • Caja at Coop’s office in his living room.
  • Bench in Grandma’s room near the window.
  • I’m staying in the living room.
  • Green bag placed against boxes in the garage near the table.
  • Drawing of the freezer in the kitchen.
  • Stir in the garden between the grill and the stairs.
  • Stairs in the attic partially hidden behind a couple of boxes.
  • Box with characters that resemble C&H characters in the acronym.

Golden Haze Retreat House

  • It will be on the wall in the reception.
  • A short tree with large white flowers near the blue wheelchair on the terrace.
  • Electric wheelchair storage session start corner on map [arriba a la izquierda].
  • TV shower in the dining room.
  • Pot of pills in Blair’s room.
  • Toilet in Thorman’s room partially hidden by a wall.
  • Sábana in Thorman’s room.
  • Heart board at the care station.

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