Chocobo GP review – The lack of good bread is its clones

There are many games like Final Fantasy, but sometimes there are very few games like Final Fantasy. It’s what makes the first one arrive, mark the road and revolutionize the Japanese role with that desperate gesture, that stripped and torn dress that was Squaresoft in 1987. The original Final Fantasy was what American football fans called a “I salute you marie”. , a last resort, a pass to the ciegas on the other side of the pitch that was just down to luck and that there was someone on the other side. And then he did. After having placed 165 million copies divided into fifty main deliveries and an absolutely countless number of spin-offs and parallel projects it is only natural that the imitators arrive, because the formula of success always seems easy to decipher. It doesn’t matter, and the key is still intangible. There are many large swords, but none like the Cloud. There are many historic villas and past throwbacks, but none of them reach the shoe floor in Kefka. There are many worlds to save, but very few that really matter. Final Fantasy is not only tricks, crystals and cameos by Cid, it is also a way of telling, a particular sensitivity at the time of composition, and above all it is this phenomenon so sharp and volatile that we call the charisma. That’s what nobody keeps copying, and that’s why I’m still number one.

Because of this duel, and forgiven that it was Franco, let the French take the opposite path.

The way of recycling, of competent but uninspired copy, has already paved the way for the fair. Those are harsh adjectives, but I doubt anyone can argue about Chocobo GP, the game we have, and a project whose Mario Kart 8 clone state couldn’t force you to catch more damage than their own developers. Of course if anything can be applauded in the first place, it’s honesty, because these racing cars, patches, supercharged Magitek armors and what’s going on doesn’t bother anyone: it shines like a brand white Mario Kart , it’s controlled like a brand white Mario Kart, and including Nintendo’s game that celebrates its own universe, supporting Steiner’s Donkey Kong, Gold Saucer’s Rainbow Road racing circuit and you’re ready to count. And it’s effective to do the latter, albeit only because of the hereditary potential almost as great as its own Nintendo and because we all have a small childhood at the end: my Vivi throwing fireballs on a circular cart goes to gracefully until my death, but no doubt the merit is of the present place.

If you could get a lot of competition and copycat craftsmanship that is not so easy to see because terrible copies that we all know and would inevitably have to face Chocobo GP among them. Its control is correct, although flatter and more precise than that of the fountain; their journeys are colorful, although incomparably simpler at the time of plantations and double readings, and in the end their journeys are amusing, even if the question of the emergent and the impossible has already been heard in the review. Later we will delve into the latter as it may well be its real Aquiles heel already once the definitive homage to what makes Mario Kart special, but by the general norm a good summary would be to say that the Nintendo saga offers excellence and Chocobo GP is satisfied with the approval.

Something hurts on their part when in time, for this to keep in shape and supposedly to avoid lice in the yards, but their contributions to the recipe are so timed and have so little impact that it would seem excessive to me to call them hallazgos. So and most anecdotal differences in how the derraps work or that longest compensated turbo which is absolutely nothing new, your efforts in the simple mechanics must see how to concentrate the elements. No doubt the possibility of picking up distinct offensive and defensive objects located in small horizontal rows in the distance will surprise some, but I wonder how to combine them just with a simple blow: in Chocobo GP a fireball, for example, is a whole to mediocre fact, but what makes it even more interesting is that we take advantage of the triple slot which makes it possible to store and lock up the drops of the circuit, leaving room for a massive explosion or in large quantities if we have the chance to combine items of the same type. To help us that day is the new color code that identifies at first glance these surprise boxes although the azar factor remains decisive, It is a phrase, I think, that could apply to the overall design of the game in a pretty tragic way, but we’ll get to that in a bit.

Before charging the crystals, which are supposed to be an act of presence, it is necessary on this occasion to arm a system of definitive abilities which involve being ready to recognize those whose trajectory hides in its curves or to rob the opponent. A measure, a certain number of catches captured, and we can detonate a special demolisher in which the lights and shadows return: in the function of the chosen character we will see lifelong turbans, protection or decisive missile rescues s they are used with a pickaxe, but also, in the end, a number of ideas: the special of the protagonist Chocobo, an eagle on skates which contains only the most skilled characters in the game, involves not only a period of ‘generous acceleration, but it looks like turbo portals that could be used in the next comeback, but you can also take advantage of rivals. Video game design. Green breads. Creativity, which is already happening now.

Something of that bit of pride at the time to cross its own concepts of cosecha that we will also see in the articles themselves, once a new cameo festival to the greater glory of France and a trial field discreet for ideas like portals, that well used we can create a difficult curve which, in turn, can make the same section repeat punctuate the rival. There is also a blue concha tract which on this occasion takes the form of death itself accusing the hallway which takes us ahead, and a visible dragon which in Bill Bala’s time and appears with greater acidity if we occupy the cola stalls. A bit of novelty, I insist, and I find that something very similar goes with a selection of game modes that are complete, and seem to stick with them.

There’s a counter mode, there’s different tournaments of increasing complexity, there’s a big online cup, and there’s a more casual multiplayer that admits the ability to play online on the start screen, but the more it there is the chance of the battlefield that the structure thus planned store of bolidos and pegatinas cuesta find a single proposal. And that, I think, includes in its own way, the great novelty of that proverbial Mario Kart that ends up being only in the media, again a victim of the law of minimum effort. Structured into ten main chapters and a total of sixteen independent careers, the campaign continues to be a playful and friendly story that at all times seems to try to transcend its mero tutorial condition, and in the narrative what happens flows quickly. Presented as a collection of dialogues with a fijo background that precedes their own races, the adventures of Atla, Chocobo, Corredor X and other families do not pass from being an excuse to add old acquaintances to the selection of playable characters , and taking into account that the final chronicle does not pass two or three hours, I think it is symptomatic that not a single detail of the argument is recorded. Some frontal works, the one in Gilgamesh lifts some shadows and sees the Earth still touching the fiber a bit, but both in the argument and in the conception of their own races, “unforgettable” remains the first word that comes to mind. .

And with that I do not want to say that it will be a bit of a tragedy, because we have left it to talk about the azar and this emerging component that, in its attempt to imitate Nintendo, Chocobo GP has not succeeded to caricature. It is something that we will note soon, when the first chapters pass and the game leaves to give us careers. When the intent is set, and the particular design of the Chocobo GP the deception passes by ordering the AI ​​to focus absolutely all of its fire on the player, inviting a fair quarry into a hopeless experiment. In the later episodes of the campaign, in some races against half-masters with phenomenal chemical powers, they wear a lot, sure, but the vast majority have to go through first place in eighth after falling victim to a park, an earthquake and a freezing attack in the span of twelve seconds. And this is his real cross, and the demonstration of what Mario Kart is where it is through a set of sights.

Because copying her look is simple, and getting close to her way of tackling traps or inertia is more or less than anyone. Understand the narrative that has its place in every curve, the way each element takes on new meaning as it awaits your place on the track, and strike it all together with the elegance and delicate balance that converts every comeback into a consistent hit of surprises, without embargo, this is what has sold 50 million copies. This is the cloud sword, and before it there are no imitators.

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