ChinaJoy 2020 will celebrate the pandemic

ChinaJoyone of the biggest gaming and entertainment events in China will take place from 31 July to 3 August. The event will take place in a visual way and will not take place online like most of the rallies that have taken place and will take place this year. The organizers have assured the assistants that they will take additional precautions to minimize the risks.

Which games will be announced in ChinaJoy 2020?

Last year, the event had an attendance of 365,000 people. The assistants must carry out the public health measures, pre-register for the event with their real name, and be subject to temperature control. In addition, they must register with the Chinese Sanitary System, where they will be assigned a QR code identifying whether they may be carriers of the virus.

ChinaJoy it will sit like a seat Shanghai New International Expo Centerwhose main task will also be to ensure that everyone is met with due social distance.


Local technology companies such as NetEase y Tencent is part of the developers who will showcase the latest trends in the video game industry in its 15 showrooms. New MMORPGs? I would drop it, but probably for mobile devices.

Finally, the organizers of ChinaJoy are also hosting a sporting event that will take place in October this year, under the name S10. By agreement with Newzoo, China will grow to become the largest market for eSports companies by 2020.

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