check the controls not responding and create a custom link

How to create custom controller links to correct unresponsive controls, especially joystick controls for head, balance, guide and vertical movement.

Create a custom link

This manual is intended to assist users in creating a custom controller linkage to adjust the controls that are not responsive, especially the control handle functions for head, balance, guidance, and vertical movement.

The manual was created with Oculus Touch controllers, but was supposed to work with any standard virtual reality controller.

This is all done in the SteamVR desktop application, although it is possible to access these settings from the SteamVR application on the desktop.

Step 1: Launch SteamVR.

Step 2: Open the SteamVR Configuration and select Device and Controller Configuration.

Step 3: In Controller Configuration, select Show more applications and then Aircar. Step 4:

If it’s listed under Community Bindings, it’s possible to simply select one of them and set it as active and avoid the rest of these steps. On the contrary, select Edit in current link. Step 5: Busy [+] next to one of their joysticks and select “Joystick”. Step 6: In the Joystick list, select “None” next to “Position”. Step 7: Select “Ptich.Roll” or “Vertical.Yaw”. The default control scheme is Vertical.Yaw on the joystick out and Pitch.Roll on the joystick right. You should see the selected configuration in the list. Step 8: Repeat steps 5-7 for the other joystick (or other controls you want to reconfirm). Step 9:

Selection Save personal training. If you’ve tried the link and it works, consider publishing it to the Workshop for others to use. Now you should see your modified link in the list. Step 10: Check the controller configuration and test your new pairings!

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