Check Out A Way To Pause Elden Ring Without Mods

Just as Hidetaka Miyazaki seems to be out of the sky to provide us with what is left for us to debate whether Elden Ring needs a pause button or not, several users have discovered a way to pause the game without having to need mods.

Last week, user TechieW released a mod that would add a pause button to the game in its PC version.

Yesterday user IronPineapple posted a tweet that went viralexplaining that the game has, a little hidden, an option that comes out of the game completely.

Basically, all you have to do is open the inventory page and tap on the “menu description” option. The help screen that opens when we do this walks through the game completely.

The truth is that there are not many possibilities that this small step saves us from dying in the most dangerous situations, but there is always a curiosity that will probably serve some players.


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