Chainsaw Man fan: “Bocchi Zarok” is a well-selling content material, so it is unusual that it is worshiped as “God Anime” or “Hegemony”.It’s the identical as Ricorico.”

■ Before broadcasting “Chainsaw Man”
Chainsaw Man Bocchi the Rock! image related to god anime hegemony selling rags fans followers-02

Chainsaw Man Bocchi the Rock! image related to god anime supremacy selling ragged fan followers-03

■ After broadcasting “Chainsaw Man”
Chainsaw Man Bocchi the Rock! image related to god anime hegemony selling rags fans followers-04

Because the content material of Bocchi Zarok is a matter in fact that sells truthfully,

I’ve quite a lot of resistance to being worshiped as “God anime” or “Hegemony”. Same as licorice.

Just flipping the palm of your hand

Isn’t all of it consequence principle?
There are many circumstances the place an anime that was promised to be successful by packing varied promoting parts has been a giant failure.
The very first thing that got here to my thoughts was Darifla

I watched 12 episodes, however it does not transfer like a series noticed, however I believed that the way in which the story was inserted and the way in which the story progressed was good.
The chainsaw feels prefer it stops after which strikes ahead I feel there are too many ineffective scenes

If you may promote simply by packing within the promoting parts, you will not have a tough time, fool

It’s like this battle for supremacy in anime ()
Is there actually an individual who has taken it as a right?

Why do you evaluate it with different works?

I do not suppose it actually prices cash
It was nicely obtained that the ED modified each time, however not solely the track but additionally the ED animation is new.
That’s why promoting bills aren’t similar to others.

Bosobosoman who’s intentionally not promoting

In the primary place Chainsaw Man was about quantity 5.
There’s no level in quarreling with the overwhelming hegemony Bocchizarok

People who reward Chainsaw Man most likely do not actually watch films
If you are a severe film fan, you should not be offended by such rambling quotes.

Isn’t it simply humorous or boring?
Why are you lining up like this and competing for gross sales?

Aniplex-chan, you probably did “Stema” with Rico Rico and Bochiro, proper?

Even although the chainsaw simply self-destructs

The chain noticed that was anticipated earlier than the animation mentioned that?

In phrases of promoting elements, “the original is Chainsaw Man” was the strongest
irrespective of how anybody sees it
It was the Chainsaw Man that bought nicely this season.

In the primary place, Jump manga “can only be serialized stuffed with things that sell”

The purpose why Chainsaw Man is not promoting is as a result of it merely destroys the goodness of the unique work.
Bozzaro sells solely by sublimating the unique work

OP Yonezu appointed
12 beautiful artists that change each week
Large-scale publicity earlier than airing
what was this

No, it isn’t pure to promote
Bocchi Zaroku is an anime with no content material in any respect, however it’s superb the way it sells.

The unique work was a giant hit, the animation was costly, and the drawings have been superb, so it was really attention-grabbing in its personal approach.
I am unable to assist however really feel like I used to be served a standard dish utilizing the best elements.

People who say issues like this and faux to be critics are lame

Chain saws have been badly marketed, so that they positively did not pay
Goods do not promote like that
It’s Sampachi with a small hole, critically

Doesn’t this man really feel a contradiction in his remarks earlier than and after the printed of the chain noticed?

it have to be irritating
Chain saws are good as a result of the manga was a giant hit within the first place
the anime was additionally nicely carried out

I did not have the weather to promote as a lot as I mentioned, and Lico Rico.
It’s nearly Rico Rico’s goodness and character designs

What is that this anime… it is too robust
Raggar! Is it too grass w

I bought the sense that the creators of the rag anime are having fun with it.

Rico Rico was boring within the second half, however the manufacturing was flawless.
If Rico Rico’s director had carried out Chainsaw Man, I feel it will have been rated larger than it’s now.

I’m a real believer
If it is for the sake of the work you worship, you’ll not hesitate to criticize different works.
No totally different than a cult

Do otaku today care a lot about different folks’s evaluations after they watch anime?
You ought to watch what you want and speak about it with the folks you want
Conversely, I’m scared once I come this far

···Huh? Was it “a matter in fact that it sells nicely”?
That’s why you should not consider god anime or supremacy… Huh? why?

Rather, I really feel that it was Chainsaw Man that “was” “the content that was natural to sell”…

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