Certificate of employment dependency in the public sector in Ecuador

The Ministry of Labor is the issuer of the certificate for dependency in the public sector. This document is requested to perform a number of procedures and you can get it online or in person. Then we will tell you step by step how to do it.

What is the certificate of dependency in the public sector?

This document recognizes the State of Ecuador if a person provides services in any of the public dependencies in that country.

What information does this document contain?

The certificate issued by the Ministry of Labor contains the following information:

  • QR code, this code approves the legal validity of this document.
  • Document Number. With this information, one can believe in the authenticity of this document.
  • Applicant’s full name.
  • Applicant’s procedure number.

What is the purpose of the public sector workaholism certificate?

Through this document confirms that if a person is or is not in a work dependency relationship in the public sector. The presentation of this certification is an indispensable requirement to achieve innumerable benefits.

Among them are the following:

  • Request benefits or benefits that the state provides to workers in relation to dependence in the public sector.
  • Access to insurance as a government employee.
  • Apply for a personal bank loan.

Although the main use of this certification is to demonstrate that he is an active employee in the public sector, it also serves to show that it is not in a relationship of dependence. What is a mandatory requirement for posting a job market in the public sector.


To request this document, it is necessary to contact the citizen’s procedure number. Only with this information will the system be able to issue the document that informs whether he is employed in a state dependency relationship and in what dependency he is working.

How to get a certificate of work dependence in the public sector?

The process for requesting this document can be carried out virtually via the Internet or in person at one of the Ministry of Labor’s public attention offices. Next, we will explain the two methods.


To apply for this certification you can go to Ministry of Labor public attention office closer to your home. Once you are there, ask for an appointment.

When you worry about it, apply for the National Public Work Dependency Certificate.

At that moment, they will ask for it handle the identity document. The employee who takes care of you will look for the information in the system. If the data is correct, the corresponding certificate of work dependence will be sent to you.

Through the internet

When the transmission can be performed over the Internet, it is best to do it this way. Place obtained additional benefitsstories como agility. When the sender does this by storing the data that they request, the sender does it much faster than if you had to transfer it to an office.

Another benefit is that it relieves it cheaperbetween 1.5% and 5%. Do not forget that if you get it through the internet, you are less vulnerable to corruption. In addition, it is like an online platform available all daywhether it is a holiday.

Therefore, citizens of Ecuador can request some certificates through their website. In this case, you need to log in to the platform to get this documentation online Ecuador’s Ministry of Labor.

At the foot of the screen is the option Portal Trámites Ciudadanos.

The window is filled in with the name of the certificate to be requested, Evidence of workaholism with the public.

You will have access to a screen listing all similar certificates. When we’re done with the other side of this list, we’ll find the opportunity we’re looking for, Issuance of certificate of employment with the public sector.

Instead of clicking there, we get access to all the information in the document, where we have to download and click the button Go to Trámite en Línea.

It will show a message with the ad that the link will lead us to an external site. We accept that.

Short access to obtain the Certificate of Labor Dependence from the public sector

If desired, you can directly access this link and start the process of downloading the certificate.

Now we’re going into it number on the person’s schedule of which one wants to obtain the certification. Then click Confirm addiction. If you do not have a relationship with the state, you will not be able to follow the following steps.

On the other hand, if the person on the basis of the data has an employment relationship with the state, they will ask date of birth. Let’s click on Generate certificate and the system starts downloading the desired document.

This document is in pdf format, download it, you can print it.

The power of this certification

The validity of the work dependency certificate is off thirty days from the time it was issued. Therefore, its due date must be considered before it is presented as a claim for another printout.

At what point of attention can I get the certificate of public sector work dependency?

The Ministry of Labor’s attention offices are open to the public’s attention from kl Monday to Friday from 8:00 to 16:45..

If the transmission is via the Internet, the platform is active all day including holidays.

How much does it take to get this certification?

All the steps that need to be taken to obtain this certificate are completely free.

Is it necessary to validate this document for it to be legally valid?

No, it does not fail to validate this certificate because it constitutes one QR code that will legally validate it.

How can the authenticity of the public sector dependency certificate be known?

To determine if a document sent over the Internet is authentic or not, scan QR code and you have it to head the Ministry of Labor.

Is there a deadline to obtain this certification?

None. All who are labor intensive from one of the state institutions can get the certificate whenever you want.

How to download the certificate so as not to have an obstacle to perform a public duty?

To run for public office one must have one certificate not to have an obstacle to the performance of a public service and one certificate for not currently working in a public organization.

The impotence certificate is issued by the department called Human Talent, which belongs to Ecuador’s Ministry of Labor. The same can be done externally via the Internet.

The purpose of the existence of this certificate is to know whether the person has been dismissed from his place of work and is unable to work in any public dependency in Ecuador. Therefore, it is an indispensable requirement when you want to apply for jobs in the public institutions of the state of Ecuador.

To demonstrate that you are not in a state of state work dependence, you must apply Evidence of workaholism in the public sector.

What is the name of the certificate not to have an obstacle to work in a public sector?

The document that we are asked to work in any public institution in this country is called Certification is no obstacle. This document certifies whether or not the person has a legal impediment to performing a public office.

When downloading the certificate, the document is entitled Sign up for no legal impediment to performing public duty. This is the document to be delivered.

Who can get this certificate?

Any natural citizen of Ecuador or a foreigner can obtain his or her certificate of impunity for a public duty. But that means you can do these things from the internet persons following your identification procedure. If there is no identification procedure or there is a refugee to head the Ministry of Labor.

Requirements to obtain this document

To complete the application process for this certificate through the internet it is necessary to have identity card. If the identification procedure is not followed, it must be performed in person at the office of Human Talent depends on the Ministry of Labor.

The second date required to complete the application form for this document is full date of birth. The last thing you are asked to do to do this is to know Form of work to whom this document is requested.

How do you get the certificate for not having an obstacle for a public service?

To obtain the certificate of impunity for a public office, you can personally contact the Department of Human Talents in the Ministry of Labor. Another option is to apply for this certification through the Internet. For this you need to relate to the identification procedure.

The first step is to enter the next one linkto access the next screen.

Then we need to select Schedule as Document Type. The following field must be completed with the procedure number of the person applying for the certificate. Then click on the button that says Check Obstacle.

The system will search the schedule in its registers and display the name of the related person. Then the working method for which the search is to be performed must be selected. Such as Permanent Name. Then the date of birth must be specified according to the format DD / MM / AAAA. When the data is complete, click the Confirm Impedance button.

This action will enable information on whether Posee is an obstacle or register. Once we have this information, we need to click on the Generate Certificate button.

With this action begins downloading the certificate, which is called Registry for not having a legal obstacle to perform a public account on your computer. The file is in pdf format.

Validity period

The electronic certificate loaded with this transmission is legally valid because it is signed electronically. Therefore, this certificate can be presented to anyone in any way as needed.

Once the scan is done and the document is downloaded, there is one valid for 72 hours. Later in that period, the documentation must be requested again.

How much does this transmission cost?

It is completely free to get the record of not having a legal impediment to performing public duty. It can be obtained via the Internet if you are not a refugee.

When can I take the trip?

Achieving this certification can be done online depending on the addiction Human Talent from the Ministry of Labor. The application is available online for 24 hours every day of the year, including holidays or public holidays.

When is an obstacle or registration to work in a public office?

If the certificate states that the registration has deteriorated, it means that no public duty can be performed. This happens because according to section 15 of the Public Service Ordinance, any person who has been deported from his cargo will not be able to return to be executed for two years;.

After that period, the citizen may perform public service, but not at the institution to which he or she has been expelled.

What happens if there is an obstacle or registration for not performing a public duty?

The Ministry of Labor provides the opportunity to apply for one Rehabilitation of work barriers for the public sector. This is possible when the obstruction is caused by a court order, insolvency or competition from fraudulent creditors.

With this traumatize check if its condition was regulated. In that case, it is certified that he is rehabilitated to have a relationship with the public.

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