Cell to Singularity – Evolution Never Ends – Secret Logros Guide

How to achieve all the secret achievements.

How to get all the secret achievements


  • 1st chance: Unlock all the stones. Only participate in the game every day within the 6 weeks. One pound a week.

  • 2.º luck: click on Archie, tiroanosaurio with esmoquin (in the mesozoic valley).

  • Bonus 3: find in the Chimpanzee Forest and click on it several times.

  • 4º Odds: find Bust Darwin. Find people in Savannah (you can find lions, look at the ocean). lion heart on the left edge of the screen, the center will be chipped, and on the right edge of the Darwin screen on the island.

  • 5º Odds: find Archies fossil remains. Elige león. As long as the characters are on the left side of the screen, the right side of the screen will be hollow.

  • 6º Odds: find a paradise. Select all the same people. Look at the chimpanzees. Once every 15 seconds between humans and chimpanzees, at the base of the trees, go to the Ave of paradise (brown, with a blue head) or look for the island with a Darwin bust.

  • 7º Odds: find Pink Dolphin. Select all the same people. Look at the chimpanzees. At the mouth of the river that empties into the valley. Dolphins jump from the water between the tree and the mountain.

  • 8th best – it reaches the singularity in 5 minutes.
  • 9 odds – it reaches the singularity of 90 seconds. I do not have time? Use the clicker.

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