CD Projekt RED is interested in finding titles for Google Stadia

On March 19, Google asked me to meet Stadium at its conference during GDC 2019. A streaming platform that allows you to play AAA character titles on various devices such as over-the-counter computers, laptops or even mobile phones connected with a command, all under the Google ecosystem.

CD Project RED bet by Google Stadia

Google’s strategy is clear for its platform to be effective, to roll out the best developers in the sector and to ensure that the platform is supported. One of these candidates is CD PROJECT RED, which during its last financial review revealed that he was in talks with Google to support Stadia, but has not yet said anything concrete.

This is without a doubt the big news for the American giant that could see when CD Project RED releases some exclusive games for Stadia or even continue the saga The Witcher island Cyberpunk 2077 on the streaming platform.

On the other hand, CDPR also talked a bit about in what form it will advertise Cyberpunk 2077, which does not yet have a specific launch date. The marketing model to be used will be similar to that used with The Witcher 3, which means that a large part of the budget for that game will go to the editors who publish the game in each region (Bandai Namco for Europe and Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment in North America). I would also like to clarify that thanks to the fact that the market is expanding further towards digital format and getting more sales through it, the Polish company hopes that it will be cheaper for marketing than the one that worked with The Witcher 3, which account with 40 advertising campaigns which summed up a total cost of $ 35 million. The development of The Witcher 3 cost approximately $ 81 million in total.

Finally, the study also talked about their plans for E3 2019, which according to him will be the biggest spectacle in the promoter’s history. Meanwhile, some light has also been shed on what is expected after Cyberpunk 2077, where another project is already under development.

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